Most Popular Travel Destinations by State Revealed in New Survey

If you feel like everyone you know is going to the same handful of places on vacation this summer, it might be because they are. A new study from Price4Limo breaks down the top vacation destinations by state; revealing some overarching trends and surprising details about summer 2023 travel. Overall, the top domestic destination for US travelers is Las Vegas, Nevada while the number-one international destination is Paris, France.

One of the interesting but surprising details from the data is that Floridians don’t have much interest in heading to beaches or tropical destinations; their top summer domestic destination is New York City, and the top international destination is Paris. Georgia residents want to go to Miami and Jamaica, and Nevadans want to go to San Diego and Paris. People in Oregon are planning trips to Seattle and Florence, Italy, while New Yorkers are jetting to Miami and London, England.

Most states are choosing major cities in nearby states as their domestic destinations of choice—with Florida and New York being stand-out exceptions. Overall, 75% of respondents to the survey said they planned on only taking domestic trips.

“Though the percentage of international travelers was small, their destinations covered the globe and included cities on every continent except Antarctica,” the study states. “Some popular destinations were Cancun, Mexico; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Johannesburg, South Africa.”

You can check out the complete map, based on a survey of 1,000 people plus an analysis of Google search data, below: