10 Cleanest Airports in the World, Is there Indonesia?

There are many ways you can make the airport a comfortable place for travelers. One of them is by maintaining cleanliness in various corners.

Skytrax, An independent agency that ranks aviation has released its awards again World Airports Award. In this award, there are several categories up for grabs, including the cleanest airport in the world 2024.

Wow, is there an airport from Indonesia, huh? The following is a list of the cleanest airports in the world.

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Almost all aspects are seen to be clean

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10 Cleanest Airports in the World, Is there Indonesia?Airport illustration (pixabay.com/Skitterphoto)

Not haphazardly, Skytrax assess several aspects of the airport. Starting from the cleanliness of floors, seating, public areas, to toilet facilities. Moreover, passengers’ demands for cleanliness are also getting higher after Covid-19 shocked the whole world.

The following is a list of airports that have been named the cleanest airports in the world in 2024.

  1. Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan.
  2. Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea.
  3. Changi International Airport, Singapore.
  4. Doha Hamad International Airport, Qatar.
  5. Chubu Nagoya Centrair International Airport, Japan.
  6. Tokyo Narita International Airport, Japan.
  7. Kansai Osaka International Airport, Japan.
  8. Hong Kong International Airport.
  9. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan.
  10. Zurich International Airport, Switzerland.

Unfortunately, no Indonesian airport is on the list as the cleanest airport in the world Skytrax. Hopefully next year there will be airports from our country on the list, okay?

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