10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, There are Resorts in Bali

Holidays with family are usually done by visiting amusement parks. In fact, family holidays can be done by visiting accommodation that offers various tourist facilities and activities. Especially for those of you who already have children, of course you need a tourist spot that won’t make them bored quickly.

Time Out, the best entertainment, lifestyle and travel guide site, has just released 10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024. This destination is recommended by tourism experts involving many readers.

Most of them are tourist attractions for refreshing with family, because it is far from urban areas. Consisting of various accommodations complete with facilities and activities that can be done by children and adults.

Launching from Time Out, following is the list the best family tour in the world 2024.

1. Sani Resort, Greece

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Sani Resort, Greece (tripadvisor.com)

Sani Resort has various facilities suitable for family holidays. There are cabanas overlooking the beach, adult and child-friendly swimming pools, a luxurious spa, and a number of restaurants and bars.

Sports-loving kids can join a football or tennis academy, while adventurous kids can take part in a Bear Grylls camp or around the fields. In fact, there is a service baby sitter at Babewatch Beach for free.

Sani Resort also holds a music festival and serves food every summer. This place will be a “paradise” for families who want to quality time without boredom.

2. Center Parcs Les Trois Forets, France

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Center Parcs Les Trois Forets, France (housity.net)

Center Parcs Les Trois Forets, France, is intended as a family destination, starting with a beautiful forest setting, a variety of fun activities, modernly designed accommodation and a gourmet restaurant.

You can take a golf cart and cruise around the resort. Play exciting rides at the aquatic center, get a massage at the spa, and play mini golf with the kids. The stunning natural setting will create a calm and cheerful mood.

3. Blackberry Wood, England

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Blackberry Wood, England(tripadvisor.co.uk)

Blackberry Wood, England, is located in a photogenic and attractive forest area. There are unique accommodations that are worth visiting, starting from the Routemaster, a helicopter-like building, a curved cabin, a pair of tree houses.

In terms of activities, you can climb Ditchling Beacon hill from Blackberry Wood, with stunning views. Apart from that, there is also the Jolly Sportsman pub which serves dishes cooked in a special way.

4. Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia (booking.com)

Malaysia has clear waters and white sandy beaches that attract many. However, this tourism still escapes the attention of some people who want to go on holiday.

There is Pangkor Laut Resort on the small island of Pangkor Laut, which feels like a piece of heaven. There are villas at the top of the hill, complete with play areas, sports fields, infinity pool, and fun water sports. It’s a great place to relax on the beach sand or explore the island.

5. Wilderness, Botswana

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Wilderness, Botswana (wildernessdestinations.com)

Wilderness is a locally run eco-friendly safari company that runs a number of luxury camps. They will serve visitors who want to experience adventure, both on land and in water.

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Interestingly, there is the Okavango Delta, which is the largest inland river delta in the world. Its vast waters are home to crocodiles and hippos, and lions and cheetahs often hunt in the surrounding area.

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6. Windjammer Landing, Saint Lucia

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Windjammer Landing, Saint Lucia (tripadvisor.com)

Windjammer Landing is the best family-friendly resort in Saint Lucia. There are various accommodation options, ranging from conventional rooms to magnificent villas with private infinity pool, and views of the Caribbean Sea.

Uniquely, there is a coral reef inside the hotel for snorkeling and water activities, including water skiing and paddleboarding. Apart from that, you can take the cable car to the rainforest and return zipline, if you and your family want to go on an adventure.

7. San Diego, United States

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali San Diego, United States (tripadvisor.com)

San Diego has beautiful beaches and amusement parks that won’t make children bored quickly. Plus, there are a variety of child-friendly activities that are also suitable for adults. Visitors can see the animals, play in the waterfront fountain, and admire the towering Lego statues.

8. Glamping Villa Hanz, Japan

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Glamping Villa Hanz, Japan (gv-hanz.com)

Glamping Villa Hanz is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan’s main island, which has abundant hot springs, the iconic Mount Fuji and resort areas.

This place is suitable for quality time with family in the middle of nature. In fact, there is no restaurant there, you can order food from the available menu, then cook it yourself.

Not only that, you can soak in Japanese-style hot springs, cycling, archery, walking in the forest, and canoeing on Lake Kawaguchiko.

9. Villa Lena, Italy

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Villa Lena, Italy (booking.com)

Villa Lena is a Tuscan hilltop area that has a modern hotel and artists’ residences. Visitors can stay in one of the traditional buildings, explore the surrounding area, and even stop by to see artists at work in the studio or main villa.

They have cots and high chairs in every room, kitchen, swimming pool and playground. You can also hire a nanny for the children. Don’t miss exploring the surrounding forests, vegetable gardens and extensive flower gardens in this area.

10. Padma Resort Ubud, Bali

10 Best Family Tourism in the World 2024, One of them is a Resort in Bali Padma Hotel, Ubud, Bali (tripadvisor.com)

Padma Resort Ubud is a family-friendly luxury resort that focuses on nature, sustainability and the rich traditions of Bali. The location is quite far from the busy tourist center of Bali.

The main attraction of Padma Resort Ubud is infinity pool 89 meters long which offers views of the river valley. There is also a shallow children’s swimming pool. Visitors can also do various interesting activities here, including archery, fishing, golf, cycling and yoga.

That’s the list of the best family tours in the world 2024. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for those of you who are looking for a destination for a family holiday, okay?

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