Pune: Out of 89 Unauthorized Rooftop Hotels, Only Nine Face Legal Action

Pune: Notices were sent to 76 of the 89 unauthorized rooftop hotels in Pune city. Of these, action was taken against 53 hotels. Six hotel owners have removed the unauthorized construction on their own. Seven hotels have ceased use. Seven hotel owners have secured a stay on the proceedings. The nine hotels have been booked under Section 52 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act.

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In different parts of the city, the hotel business is being done by setting up sheds on the terraces of buildings, as well as in common spaces. This creates a parking problem on the roads of the area, and the hotels remain open until late at night, causing inconvenience to the residents of the area. There are frequent complaints from citizens about parking and noise pollution. Taking cognizance of this, the PMC had started taking action against rooftop hotels.

After a builder’s son drove a speeding car in front of the Bowler Pub in Kalyaninagar which resulted in the deaths of two people, the PMC has ordered an inspection of illegal constructions in pubs, hotels, and restaurants and has sent a team to inspect the Bowler Pub.

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